Analysis Unit

Mechanical engineering department activities are concentrated on overhead networks' static and dynamic simulations. Designed fitting and equipment are tested and simulated in numerical simulation software in order to verify bearing of the equipment, considering boundary and loading conditions. Numerical analysis role being highlighted when there isn't any suitable testing feature for large equipment. By using numerical analysis and considering convenient input condition reliable results are achievable. Preforming all of the mechanical calculations in each parts of the line will lead to complete mastery over dynamic and static forces in order to accord simulations and experimental tests with reality.

Commercial analytical software as a powerful tool provide possibilities for optimizing fittings, equipment and structures in order to save human cost, financial cost and to achieve optimized design in terms of geometry, material and function. Obtaining experience from operational projects in the field of electrical railway, dynamic research and development, cooperation with oversea consulter companies, absorption of technology and expert manpower has paved the way of electrical railway projects to the team.