Rigid Overhead Conductor-rail System (ROCS)

According to the experiences obtained in designing, manufacturing and installation of OCS lines at several projects, also due to the demand growth for using the overhead conductor-rail systems in railway projects of Islamic Republic of Iran, the Alucast Iran have acted out to enter into the Rigid Overhead Conductor-rail System (ROCS) field and after passing the research and development phase, have entered into design phase of ROCS and manufacturing of rigid conductor-rail and related components.

A rigid overhead conductor rail line has less components compared with traditional OCS lines due to its simplicity. All the required components for an overhead conductor-rail line are designed and manufactured in Alucast Iran company. At first step, the ROCS components and equipment are modeled in a professional CAD software by mechanical design team. Afterwards, the designed components are analyzed in terms of conformity of the mechanical and electrical properties with related standards, by mechanical and electrical analysis teams respectively. At the final step of designing of the components, they are experimentally tested to evaluate that the design process is correct.

After designing the system part by part, several configurations and arrangements of ROCS equipment are determined according to client and line requirements, and various supports and structures are selected based on them.

Introduction to Overhead Conductor-rail System (ROCS)

Rigid Overhead Conductor-rail System (ROCS) Equipment & Fittings